Suncat Gardening Crew

Planting Specialist, All-women crew

Shelly is passionate about reconnecting people to the medicine of their own piece of land no matter what the size. Inspired by the work of Irish landscape designer Mary Reynolds, Shelly has a deep connection to her mission to teach people how to heal and sustain themselves in their own backyard, while enjoying the earth’s magic in the process. She grew up in Rhode Island with a family of oyster farmers, horticulturalists, hunters and nurses and she has always been fascinated with wild foods, fishing, herbal medicine, and gardening. She has a degree in Ethnomusicology, studying agrarian celebrations in Peru and also has a Masters degree in Environmental Leadership focusing on Fair Trade Economics from Naropa University in Boulder Colorado. Her offerings dive deeper than garden aesthetics and she loves to collaborate with local herbalists to design and install medicinal gardens for people so they can make their own herbal folk remedies. She owns Sun Cat Gardening and manages an all-women gardening crew, who collaborate regularly with the United Ecology team on planting projects. Her crew of Sun Kitties are what help her company thrive and she loves to bring her diverse skills to projects that heal the earth.