Benevolence Orchard

This project began with a solid design. From there, our collaborative team brought the space to life. This Heirloom Fruit Orchard and Medicinal Herb Farm sprang to life, incorporating polyculture planting, pollinator habitat, and passive water harvesting techniques.

Backyard Food Forest

From grass lawn to Terraced Orchard in only a few days. This space will continue to be more productive each year, with less maintenance as the fruit trees mature and the perennial flowers fill in.

Stormwater Management

The landscape for this off-grid mountain house utilized Water Harvesting Features to mitigate fire danger, prevent erosion, and irrigate an Alpine Garden.

Geodome Greenhouse

The Backyard Geodome Experiment has been an ongoing experiment in Climate Stabilization and Food Security. Manufactured from scratch with care and attention to detail, the first  draft has been revised and upgraded for Round 2. Stay tuned for the incorporation of Arduino Controls, Earth Plasters, and of course state of the art Aquaponics Food Production.


Our team works closely with The Aquaponics Source to provide the best greenhouse farming solutions. Here you can see some our work at The Growhaus and some home production systems.

Urban Gardens

Connect with the natural world in urban spaces. These sleek wicking beds utilize a fraction of the water of conventional raised beds. They offer a low maintenance garden that can provide fresh vegetables & herbs in your home.
Projects in collaboration with  Bonsai-db Architecture

Residential Greywater

As the owners of Colorado Greywater, our team has become the leaders in residential greywater installations across Colorado. Here you can see some of our work designing and installing these systems since 2012.