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As a regenerative alliance of skilled craftspeople, our team offers an integrated approach to land stewardship. The IMPACT of Regenerative Land Based projects have grown as our projects scale from local to global. With diverse skillsets, our team provides increased resilience in lands capacity to be productive and ecologically sound

We planted 10,000 trees this year, help us plant 1 million.

Featured Project of 2020: Jacks Solar Garden

Solar energy produced in the heart of Colorado.  Our team engaged in a Living Fence surrounding the solar array. This perennial planting of over 3000 plants will support wildlife habitat, while producing food for the local community. The solar array will create a 1.2 MW community solar garden—enough to power over 300 homes. Jack’s Solar Garden will be a model for farmers along the Front Range on how to produce renewable energy while improving agricultural production via agrivoltaics.

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